Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is a pain....

I just spent 20 minutes trying to log to get to the darn blog! It kept telling me I'm not who I said I was. I am, I went & looked in the mirror and it IS me! Yeah, I'm funny aren't I?

I started a pinkeep on Sunday evening and I hope to finish the stitching tonight. I will pick up some pins tomorrow while I'm out. I'm not sure what's next on my list.... maybe I should close my eyes & throw a dart at it or something? HOW do you choose what to stitch next? After I finished the Mermaid, I'm in no hurry to pick up another large piece of fabric this week! ;-) Maybe I'll find another small project to stitch and hopefully finish by the weekend.

Tomorrow one of my stitching friends is coming by on her way to a stitching weekend at the beach. I'm looking forward to seeing her! She is staying over in a hotel & we will spend a little time together before she heads off to the beach on Thursday. I wish I could hop in the car & go with her, but there is too much to do around here this week. Oh well... another time!

Hopefully I'll have some pics to post tomorrow or the next day. That's all for now I think! ;-)
Happy stitching everyone!!


Sandy said...

Are you sure this is really you Amy? Is this an imposter? LOL Too funny. Good luck with the pins and doing the pin keep, you won't need it though you do great finishing work anyway.

BeckySC said...

Blogger is known for being a PITB!!!! Can't wait to see the pinkeep :)