Monday, December 10, 2007

You know the old saying....

about your eyes being bigger than your stomach when you take more food than you can eat? Well, my problem isn't with food, it's with what I want to stitch. I keep seeing/reading about stitching goals in 2008, and I keep thinking about all I REALLY want to stitch. Geez, it's NOT humanly possible. It's really frustrating to have such a long list & KNOW you can't do 1/2 of it! lol

So I guess I need to pare it down to something that's somewhat sane at least....

MUST do projects:
1 & 2. Finish up 2 RR's I'm in (one is Ackworth Friendship Book & it's just starting).
3. Stoney Creek's The Lord's Prayer (finish this!)
4. Personalized Quaker by Martina Dey (this is my big Jan/Feb project)
5. My Personalized Sampler by Nouveau Encore Designs (currently a UFO)
6. Finish Rosewood Manor's And A Forest Grew (it's about half done)
7. Hannah's Hummingbird Knot Garden by Liz Turner Diehl (for my mom)
8. AMAP's Victoria's QUaker (another UFO)
9. Just Nan's Common Ground
10. An ornament each month
and 11-100. - LOTS of smaller designs & exchange pieces.

See, I'm TOTALLY insane. This doesn't even touch on my UFO list hardly! Who wants to join me in the crazy house? They will let us bring scissors AND needles I'm sure! ;-)

Happy stitching everyone!


Sweet Pea said...

Blogging has been bad for me. Whenever I see a cool project someone else is working on, it immediately gets added to my wish list. So far, I haven't been too bad about actually acquiring most of what's on the wish list, but that could change at any time. LOL

Sandy said...

Well I feel your pain. You know how much I have here that I want to start/stitch. It's just what to pick? I miss the old days when I could stitch all day and not be bothered by it. Things change.....Good luck in your adventure. :D

Vonna said...

I understand TOTALLY....when I had insomnia the other night...I made a list and remade a list and then I pulled out what I had started and then I came up with a "BRILLIANT" idea and guess what? I pulled it and started it...that night, right then...see I'm nuts too! LOL!
BUT if I do say so is a BRILLIANT's gonna be gorgeous if it makes it through to completion :)

Stephanie said...

That's the pleasure of being insane, luckily there are lots of us out here in blogland equally insane and keeping you company (and probably spurring you on!). Good luck with your 2008 goals - I cringe to even begin to think about mine!!

Chris said...

I totally understand. I have so much stash I want to stitch. If only I could come up with the magic numbers for the PowerBall Lottery ... then I could retire and stitch all day.

Michele said...

I need to start thinking about my 2008 wants/needs to stitch .. but I'm scare to look! lol

Shelleen said...

I know exactly what you are going through. Isnt that how we end up with UFOs. Then I see a new pattern and I want to stitch that and join a couple of SALs and stitch on exchanges. Who really needs to sleep? I think sleep is overated.

Kristen said...

Oh, isn't it the truth? I've been reading stiching blogs for about a year now, and it's great because it inspires me and keeps the stitching mojo flowing (in the past, I've put my stitching aside from time to time, sometimes for more than a year). But on the other hand, my wish list has become practically unmanagable!

Right now I am looking forward to Janurary - i.e., a respite from gift stitching - and I have so many projects that I want to start!

Michelle said...

I know what you mean - I have so many things that I am wanting to start and stitch, but I know that it will be a while before I can even get to any of them. So 2008 will be the year for trying to FINISH things! LOL!