Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Feb 18th.... (and Happy Birthday too!)

Where is this year going already? How is it passed the middle of Feb?

I spent Sunday relaxing & stitching! It was WONDERFUL! I did do a bit of laundry & fix Ray breakfast & dinner, but other than that, no work at all to speak of. We went to my parents & picked up 3 Bradford Pear trees & I watched Ray plant them (I'm an indoor gardener, sorry!) and we borrowed a catalog to see what other types of flowers/plants to get. Ray & my dad spent all day Saturday with daddy's tractor working on the yard. Now that the house & done & there should be no more big trucks & all, it's time to work on the landscaping. Ray has lots of ideas, so we'll see what happens. He has planted 9 trees now. Anyway, it was a nice way to spend a day!

On the stitching front, I stitched the F&S piece for Christina L yesterday, still have to do the 2nd piece & hopefully mail it tomorrow. I enjoyed stitching it & will share a pic once Christina receives it. It has quite a bit of pink, but I don't mind stitching with pink. I just don't want to wear it or have it all over my house! ;-) I also have been working on the LK Double Flips off & on for the past week & have 3 of them done. I wonder when the last 4 will be out? These are so quick to stitch... I haven't done any LK designs in awhile. Once the 4th one is done, it's back to a UFO OR I might start something new. I've found quite a few new items from Market that I just love!! ;-)

I want to wish Becky SC a very Happy Birthday today! Hope you have a lovely day Becky. And later this week, my dear friends Lisa & Char both have birthdays. I hope both of you enjoy wonderful birthdays. Wish we could be together to celebrate like in years past.... maybe again someday! Hugs to all of you & hope you all have extra special & happy days!

If you're still reading, we're having a stitch-in on March 8th here in SC. If anyone wants to come, post or send me an email & I'll get the details to you. We stitch, laugh, eat & laugh a bit more. It's lots of fun!

Hope you all have a great week & happy stitching


Dani said...

Can't wait to see what your Fair Squares look like. I feel the same way about pink ... I don't mind stitching with it, but don't want a lot of it around my house :)

Vonna said...

OH....I wish I could come to your stitch in...wouldn't that be fun?!! I love to do that :) Does Ray need any help? Maybe I could use that as an really just come for the stitch in... :)

Sandy said...

Glad you had a restful day of stitching. Can't wait to see the pictures of your trees. Hint Hint. :D Hope your week is going well.

karen said...

I so wish i could come to your stitchin Amy. But i have to save my money for MB! Can't wait to see your f&s pieces. i am just finishing mine up today (started yesterday). I love that exchange!