Friday, April 25, 2008

VERY Long post.... mail, exchange, friends, plants...

Hi there stitching friends! I got some goodies in the mail yesterday! The only problem was, both sets of camera batteries were dead. I had to wait on Ray to get them charged & then I took a couple of pics & he took the others. I'm not a very good photographer. I didn't get a pic of one of the items that came yesterday..... thanks to Malinda for the Hillside Samplings pattern & CHOCOLATE! ;-) Just at the right time too my dear. :-) Malinda stitched "My Stitching Chair Necessaire" & I loved it & she decided I needed it as well, so she sent me her pattern. Thank you so much... another "Must Do" to add to my pile. Here is a pic of from Malinda's Blog, isn't it lovely? :-)

Also, I recieved a wonderful package from Sandy, lots of goodies, a gift for my niece, a RR and a fibro magazine that she had two of. Thank you Sandy, it's all most appreciated. I wanted to share this pic of the extra special items though, aren't the cute as can be? I LOVE the card!! ;-) And isn't the floss holder really cute? What a great idea! :-) Thanks again my friend & hugs, I hope you are feeling better?

I have been stitching & I can finally post my F&S that went to Gaby in Germany. She wanted something "coffee" and she loves LHN, so I just whipped this right out for her. ;-) It's not the "traditional" coffee cup, but I hope she likes it. I think it turned out kinda cute.

I've gotten 2 other exchange pieces done (and one mailed) and another is about 1/2 stitched. I'm hoping to finish them both this weekend & get the packages out the first of the week. Wish me luck!!

Ray, my mom & I went to a plant sale this afternoon. Before that we ran by Wal-Mart as Ray needed something. My mom & I decided to just look at plants & I ended up coming up with 2 trays of red wave petunias, a bleeding heart, a blueberry bush and a few pots. At the plant sale, all I ended up with was a jade plant AND the winning ticket for a grand raffle (I told them I wanted the winning one, so I hope I have it!) lol The drawing is tomorrow afternoon, so cross those fingers for me. I could really use all the plants, bulbs, seeds, bird seed, fire ant killer, humminbird feeders, and a few gardening tools! I really want to win this one.... lol I'm getting as crazy over plants as I am cross stitch... which is scary, to say the least. Then I came home & ordered a beautiful Foxglove that I hope will live here. My mom has one that is gorgeous, but it's not yellow like this one. I do like yellow though, so we'll see. The only other thing I REALLY wanted that I didn't buy was a fuschia. They just won't live here, but oh my are they gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

While we were out, I saw my friend Renee who just finished esthetician school. She is a stitching addict as well & I had a RR to drop off to her. She told me that she is scheduling me for a facial (her treat) soon! Isn't that nice of her? I've never had one, sounds interesting though! ;-) If you're reading this Renee, I'm glad you're back home. Missed you for 3 months! ;-)
Hope everyone has a great weekend & happy stitching!!!


Sandy said...

Glad you liked everything. Love the coffee F&S exchange and your flowers. Hope you win.

Einschies blog said...

Yesssss...I like them...thx so much for this wonderful F&S round;-))
Amy, I forgot my notecard outside of your package*sigh*...this happens often to me, I don´t know if you have received your package I will write something to you,-)))


Myrna said...

Move lovelys!

I've never tried growing foxglove, but they are so pretty.

PammyB said...

I love the coffee x-stitch you did. I'm truly a coffee addict and enjoy coffee themed x-stitches. Can you provide me with the name of the designer of the coffee x-stitch so that I can do a search for the chart?