Friday, May 2, 2008

GREAT Mail day!! :-)

Okay, who knows what this is? ;-)

If you are from CA you probably know exactly what it is by that lovely little gold foil seal huh? If you are Sandy LA or Susan TN you also know, because thanks to our dear Ruth who hooked me & Ray, I helped to hook the two of you as well! ;-) For those of you who don't know, this is a yummy wonderful tasty box of See's Candy from my dear friend Ruth in CA. :-) She sent me a bleated birthday gift which I will happily share with Ray. It's almost always a nice box full of key lime truffles as she knows they are out fav, but she might fool me one of these days & get us something else! ;-) She can be a stinker, that gal can, but we love her! :-)

And look at the other wonderful goodies she sent along this yummy box of candy... some lovely fabrics (which she knows I'm almost as addicted to as I am my stitching stash.... (they're all lovely, but that first red with the stars is EXTRA gorgeous!). ;-)She also sent some threads, a pretty pair of scissors (you spoil me my dear) and some Sees Peanut Brittle as well! And see "most" of that stitched piece? That's a PIF piece from her blog! Isn't it pretty? There is a better pic below. Well, I say it's better.... it's better because you can see the whole thing but the pic itself isn't very good. I'm just NOT good at taking pics, though I did try! Thank you dear Ruth Ann for my wonderful birthday goodies. :-) Can't wait to give you a hug for them in 5 months & a week or so.... ;-) Oct is on the way! lol (and don't forget the See's in your suitcase too!) lol

Thanks for looking & have a great weekend ahead!!!!


Vonna said...

Oh my...candy...that IS a super mail day...but when you get all this other goodies to boot what that is a SUPERIOR mail day! Couldn't happen to a nicer lady ;)

karen said...

now i know what to get you Amy. We have See's all over the place here in AZ. I just walked past them this afternoon in the mall. great treats from Ruth.

Sandy said...

OH my, I love that little lady on that seal. I don't guess you have just one of thoes truffles left and you can mail it on down South? LOL I love those candies, even if I'm not supposed to eat them. They are the best thing ever. Nothing can compare. Great package from Ruth. She did good.