Friday, May 2, 2008

My F&S from Gaby.... :-)

I received a wonderful pkg all the way from Gaby in Germany today! Look at this simply precious set of squares she stitched for me. I LOVE them!!!!! I love Pansies and these are so totally adorable! :-) Thank you Gaby, they are perfect!! She also sent me a lovely little pansy kit (all in German, but I don't have to read to stitch it!) ;-) and another cute pattern also in German. And look at this adorable fob with the strawberry bead.... isn't it cute? And it's RED too! :-) I think it might fit nicely on the new pair of scissors I recieved today (see the post after this one!).
And I now am the proud owner of Christiane Dahlbecks "Blumenwiese"!! We did a trade for some Country Cottage charts and I'm more than thrilled with the trade. Gaby, if you ever want more, let me know as I'd love to have the other CD book you showed me as well! :-) I am itching to start several designs in this book & I actually hope to get one stitched this weekend for my mom for Mother's Day. CUTE Stuff!!!
Thanks again & happy stitching!


Anonymous said...

Gaby's squares that she stitched for you are so pretty. Lucky you! The entire exchange packet is very nice.

Juno said...

I came across your blog recently, Amy. I am a cross stitcher from the UK, and I love reading about your stitching projects and seeing the pictures of ones you have completed and been given. you do lovely stitching, and alot of it is different from projects I am used to in the UK. Happy stitching and I hope to read more in the future.

Sandy said...

Love the squares from Gaby, she must know you love pansy's. LOL Those are great, along with everything else she sent. Great exchange.