Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How did December get here so fast?

Wasn't it just July a few days ago? Are you sure? If feels like it was to me!

I haven't stitched but once in over a week (almost 2) and then it wasn't for very long. With my mil here for 10 days & then going out of town (to the beach) for Thanksgiving, things have been really off schedule here & it's just now starting to feel like things are somewhat back to normal. I hope to get my Christmas tree up in the next day or two and hopefully take part of Saturday (and Sunday) off & hopefully stitch! All of my Christmas shopping is finished, just have to get everything wrapped. I prefer wrapping over gift bags, but this year, we'll just have to see what happens!
What about you? Done shopping, decorating & wrapping? I bet many of you are!

Have you seen the new Lizzie Kate Halloween Double Flips coming in early January? Click here to see! They are so cute.... will have to do these as well. Linda's designs just keep getting cuter & cuter imho! :-)

My 2009 stitching list is so long.... I really want to stitch "And A Garden Grew" by Rosewood Manor and "Common Ground" by Just Nan, and I have at least 5-6 BIG UFO's I'd like to finish, including "And A Forest Grew". Maybe I can get some of it done if I stop doing so many exchanges! :-[ Wish me luck!

Hope you are having a great week filled with lots of stitching!


cathymk said...

I LOVE the new flip-its! Very cute indeed! This year has just zipped by for me too. We haven't even started on the wrapping buying and cooking for christmas (and we are off on holiday next week - eek!)

Shelleen said...

I hadn't bought LKs in so long and just looked and didn't realize all of the Flip Its that i want LOL. You know I will probably buy the Halloween ones lol.

CraftyT said...

I also am a fan of the new flip its SO CUTE.

No decorating here and I am not shopping this year...I will be moving two days after christmas so lots of packing. The movers come on Monday.Then I will leave later.So ots busy here just not with anything fun LOL