Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Several finishes & an Exchange pkg to share!!!

First, let me say I haven't been stitching lately, I really haven't, at least not much! I stitched this Christmas tree freebie design (found the link on Petra's blog) several weeks ago. It's DMC 500 on 32 ct Ruby Wine Belfast. The colors really are much better than they appear on the computer monitor! I love how this one turned out.

Next are two designs by San-Man that I found in my stash. I stitched one of these the same weekend as the tree above & I'm not sure when the other was stitched. They were kits that came with the tucks & buttons, floss, etc. I think they're pretty cute & very quick & easy stitches.

At the Pals Fall Fling Ruth got a basket just like this one (with the handles) in her grab bag from Jane Timmers/Fancy Work. I tried to bring it home with me but Ruth wasn't having any of that! I was afraid it was the basket or no more See's candy for me, so I didn't press the issue (or steal the basket when she wasn't looking). I just came home & ordered it for myself from Olde Colonial. Well, FINALLY on Sunday I got it & the pin cushion basket out & used some of my precious Moda Maderia (Blackbird) fabric to line the bottom of the basket (it is removeable) and to cover the pincushion. I think they're cute & they're VERY useful for me. I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

And speaking of THRILLED..... I joined the Pals Christmas Ornament exchange and mine arrived today. I was thinking geez, what a big ornament ;-) when this big ol' box came and I opened it to find this ADORABLE tin! Isn't it just the cutest? See the bird? I do so love birds...

When I opened the tin, I was THRILLED to find all these wonderful goodies, just look!!! The ornament is the M Designs bluebird from the 2008 JCS Ornament issue, which I got to see in Myrtle Beach as Mary had the model with her! Also, there was one in the ornament exchange but someone else got to it before it was my turn, darn it all. I really wanted it! Thanks to dear Michele (Mavis, Marva, Mabel, etc), now I not only have the adorable ornament (she also stitched the one in the MB exchange!), I have all these other wonderful goodies to go with it. Don't you just LOVE those fat quarters (fabric is my other addiction after/along with cross stitch stash)? And those RED Debbie Mumm buttons are simply adorable! (I think Michele likes red *almost* as much as I do!) She certainly brightened my day with this package!!! Thank you again Michele! :-) :-)
Here is the ornament hanging on my tree... isn't it cute?
And here is a portion of my tree. Do you think it has enough ornaments on it? Nah, neither do I!! ;-) I'm a total addict when it comes to my ornaments. I'll get Ray to take some good pics very soon!

Thanks for stopping by & happy stitching!!!


staci said...

Wonderful finishes, and that basket and pincushion are so adorable!

Michele sent you a really lovely ornament and exchange :)

And I definately see some empty branches on your tree awaiting more ornies, lol ;) Your tree is really lovely by the way!

Carolyn NC said...

Love all the goodies that you stitched & received. Tree is lovely!

karen said...

i love the basket and pincushion!

I was the other lucky one to get Michele's other bluebird in MB. what a great package!

Nicole said...

Wow Amy, your tree is beautiful! I love the basket and pin cushion! You did a wonderful job of lining it! And what a great package from Michele - that was so nice of her!

P.S. I got my package from you yesterday - thank you so much, I love everything! :)

Kathy said...

Your tree is lovely. But I agree--more ornaments. :)
All the stitching and finishing is fabulous.

gazette94 said...

Hello Amy !! I m glad to see you enjoyed stitching my christmas tree !
I have an album on my blog with all the photos a got from people who stitch my patterns, can I copy yours ? (if not I wouldn't be upset !)
Have a nice christmas time

Cindy F. said...

Amy, your tree is gorgeous!! Beautifully adorned:)
What an awesome package from Michele! Love the ornie she made!
(I'm a fat quarter addict also:)
Pretty freebie you stitched and the San-Mans are too cute!!
Great basket and pincushion too!

Sherry said...

I just love your tree! Those recent finishes are wonderful!

Beth said...

I think your tree is gorgeous!! But, it could use one or two more ornaments - LOL! That tree you stitched is really cute, may have to try and find that freebie...Of course, I love the SanMan's - not only are they easy to stitch, I love their attitude.
It appears Michele does a fantastic job of exchanges. Great work Michele, and lucky you, Amy!!


Vonna said...

Ohhh...I love all your finishes ;o) VERY NICE!
And the basket and pincushion...just want to slip them in a box and mail 'em on up to Indiana? No worries, I'll be happy to take them off your hands :o)
That exchange you received LOVE IT girl! I love that little bluebird of happiness!

Andrea said...

What a great package and some lovely finishing too. Love the tree, a wonderful sight.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous ornaments and exchange. Your tree looks amazing!