Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exchanges Sent & Received and one finish framed!

I wanted to share a couple of exchanges with you & also my framed Plum Street's "Love Notes" - I'll show you that first!

The frame is from Eastside, called Old Roses in the "red" color. It's really very pretty. The piece is stitched on 32 ct Sand Belfast with GAST. I think it turned out pretty!

Next is the Spring Seasonal Exchange from Becky SC. She stitched Just Nan's new "Dewdrop" for me & left off the pink eggs & flowers, and I must say, it looks wonderful! We both had that idea as I had planned to stitch it that way for myself one of these days! lol Isn't it cute?

And these are the other goodies she included with it. The rabbit figures are cute as can be. I'm so ready for spring! Thanks again Becky!

This is the ornament I sent to Cathy last week in our ornament exchagne group. I was running way behind.... this is January's ornie! Oops! It's from one of the new Blackbird Designs stocking books, stitched over 1 on 25 ct. It came out small, but I think it's cute & I sure hope Cathy likes it! I hope to do more of these soon.

I haven't stitched at all since the weekend & it wasn't much then. I have been hurting again for almost a week now. I hope to get back to it soon. It's Wednesday so that means Quaker Vitures SAL day, but I'm not quite up to it I don't think. SOON.... very soon!

Our friend Terry is still in the hospital, but doing a bit better. Hopefully she will be back home & online soon & can tell you all about her experience. Please continue to keep her in your prayers or send good thoughts her way. We want her to be stitching with us for many, many years to come!

Thanks for stopping by & happy stitching!


~Judy~ said...

OOH...the Love Notes piece is stunning! I WILL have to do this now. And the little bunny is just adorable. I love seeing all your work. Have a good evening.

~Judy~ said...

OOH...the Love Notes piece is stunning! I WILL have to do this now. And the little bunny is just adorable. I love seeing all your work. Have a good evening.

BeckySC said...

So glad you liked your exchange, Amy :)

I LOVE your framed piece! Looks awesome! And the stocking for Cathy is just adorable-good job :)

Prayers being sent for Terry-I wish her the best and YES, we need her around stitching for MANY years to come :)

Have a nice evening :)

Nicole said...

Love Notes turned out beautiful Amy!! I love it! :) I also love what Becky stitched for you. It's so sweet and so you with it being a brown bunny!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those are all so pretty!

Carolyn NC said...

Love Notes is gorgeous - love the frame with it. Your little bunny is adorable. Great exchanges. Nice stocking, too. :)

Анна - Зонт said...

Love Notes is wonderful!
All the works are very nice:)
And the rabbits are funny:) Spring realy coming...

Vonna said...

Man, I must say that Love Notes is gorgeous...32 ct. sand belfast...hmmm...The Frame is PERFECT.

Becky's bunny is sweet! How cute!

Your little stocking is sweet did good girl :)

Natasha said...

I love how love notes turned out. It looks great and Becky's stitched piece for cute.

Take Care

Kathy said...

The frame is just perfect for your piece. And the little bunny is just too cute. What a lovely exchange.
I hope your dear friend is home and feeling better soon.

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Lovely lovely things Amy - your framed finish is really cute and I just love that bunny that Becky made -must see about getting that pattern as I'm partial to bunnies of all sorts. :) Happy blogiversary!

Andrea said...

Beautiful framed piece. Becky's piece and the gifts are just wonderful. Love the stocking.

Donna said...

Beautiful job on Love Notes! I have been debating ordering this chart for awhile now. I just ordered Blackbird Designs' January stockings so will have to do those first. Very exciting to see one of those stockings stitched up. Nice work!