Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another pretty ornament... and a visitor....

I received another very pretty ornament on Saturday, I'm just slow to get a pic posted, shame on me. This one is from Becky SC... isn't it pretty? She knows I love trees, red & hearts, and this tree is made up of hearts. I really love it & she finished it so nice, thanks again Becky!
We had a very quiet Memorial Day. I worked for a short while & then I stitched a bit. I can't share this one though... it's for a gift that won't be given until October, but I thought I'd better get started on it now. :-) I'll show you in late October when we come back from the Pals Fall Fling! It seems like so far off, but it will be here before we know it.
Memorial Day was also like a "zoo" around here. On top of all the normal birds, we had a really HUGE lizard that wouldn't leave Ray alone in his workshop. It was at least a foot long, brown with red on it's head. UGLY creature- let me tell you. We have some green ones that hang around on the back patio & they are fine, but his one, ugh! He called me down late in the afternoon to see his next visitor.... there was a pretty darn big turtle in the very back of the shop! lol He must have gotten in while Ray came to the house for lunch. He wasn't going anywhere on his on, so Ray had to help him out. ;-) Then while stitching, my *almost* daily bunny friend decided to come & have a big meal of our really tall grass. Isn't he ADORALBE? He doesn't run when he hears noise and we can walk within 10 or so feet of him and he just keeps eating. I love to watch him and his brothers/sisters. :-)
It won't stop raining long enough for Ray to cut the grass, it's just unreal how crazy the weather is this year. He said today he was going to have to cut it tomorrow, but guess what, it's raining again. :-( I'm so ready for the sun to come out & stay out for at least a few days in a row.
Thanks for stopping by & happy stitching!


Lyon said...

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Thx and take care

Becky K in OK said...

Another beauty you have received. I can see it in green or purple too. We went through the grass growing because of 22 days of rain. It was good to get it cut. Your little visitor is too cute. My little visitor was a snake!! No photos though.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your little tree gift from Becky is great and thanks for sharing all the critter news. CJ ok;-)

Stacy said...

Gorgeous ornament... and I LOVE the bunny! I have my own visitor bunny but he's just a baby (put a picture of him on my blog). Cheers! Stacy

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

A great ornament from Becky. Love the stories of the animals - I love to look at the bunnies but I don't like them eating my flowers; the grass would be AOK!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous ornament. I will loo beauiful on tree.
Love the bunny photo. I miss seeing them in my yard. The neighbors cats must have gotten them. :(
Great talking to you yesterday.

CindyMae said...

That is a beautiful ornie! You lucky girl you! Love the visitor and you got a great shot of him!

Raggedy Ann said...

what a beautiful bunny!!

waving hello from NC,

Anonymous said...