Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lots of finishing..... all for the Pals Fall Fling!

I did a bit of stitching & lots of finishing getting ready for the Pals Fall Fling - here is a bit of it -

First is the piece I did for the "stitched exchange" we had on Saturday night. I think a few of the Pals really liked it..... it did turn out kinda cute if I do say so myself! The buttons/design are by Hob-Nobb, I just "tweaked it" to fit the box I had and made a pin cushion & scissor fob to match. And yes, it's on pastel pink, but I don't have to wear it! ;-)

Next are the two pieces I did for the Halloween Exchange . The first one is Val's Stuff "Spooked" and 2nd is from Blackbird's "Trix or Treats" booklet. Both are on bright green fabric, the pics just aren't "great".

This is a SanMan designs for the Christmas Ornamnet Exchange-

And here are 3 more Christmas ornaments I did:

And two stocking ornaments:

That's it for MY stitching - here are some things I finished for others.

These 3 pics are finishes I did for Susan TN - ornaments:
A Flatfold for the Stitched Exchange on Saturday night:
And a pinkeep for Susan:
These two are for my oldest friend in the world - Donna. We met first day of 9th grade & we still talk/see each other as often as possible. There was a Halloween pillow for her too, but I don't have a pic of it.

These ornaments were finished for my good friend Toni from IL. She came back to the Pals Fall Fling this year for the 2nd time & we had a lot of fun!

Last but not least is a journal cover I did at the very last minute (literally) for Renee. She picked it up the night before we left. It turned out pretty good.... wish I had pics of the back/inside - the fabric was a perfect match!

Check back for more.....


Brigitte said...

Wow! You were very busy lately, weren't you. And you stitched and finished some very beautiful pieces. Fantastic!

Toni said...

Thanks, again, for the finishing you did for me --- you are amazing!

CindyMae said...

WOW!!! Everything single thing looks amazing!!!! Wonderful work on every single piece!!!