Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did you have a Merry Christmas??

I hope you had a great Christmas! Ours was nice & peaceful. We slept late, ate too much, had a nap, ate some more, slept again - and in between I did stitch & watch movies! I stitched an ornament that I still need to do the finishing on & post a picture to show you - the LE kit was a very sweet gift from a very kind designer.... more on that as soon as I can sit down at the sewing machine! ;-)

Ray bought me a digital camera for Christmas - a Canon Powershot - and it's RED! Here are some pics from Amazon - isn't it pretty? ;-) I had to order a Brown Microfiber Vera Bradley "Tech Case" to put it in - sure hope it fits. If not, guess I'll just have to use it for something else. :-)

OH, and he also bought me jewelry - RUBIES, my favorite! Very pretty set with ring, earrings & pendant. He bought it in Nov. (we were in Myrtle Beach) but I didn't get to wear it until Christmas Eve. It's so pretty!! See.....
(sterling silver & lab created stones, but that's perfect for me, I don't spend big $$ on jewelry!)

I have been stitching on a UFO/WIP, Lizzie Kate's ABC Lessons while listening to Diana Gabaldon's "Voyager". I finished part 1 last night & am very anxious to get back to it tonight. I have the first four books on audio... each is over 30 hours - that's A LOT of stitching time! ;-) On the stitching subject, I usually start some "big - new" project in Jan. I THINK this year I'm going to concentrate on finishing up some of my wonderful UFO's. I really do like them, just kept finding other things to stitch on. Hopefully I can finish one or two by the end of January. WISH ME LUCK!

OH, I took down my Christmas tree/decorations this afternoon & (gasp) vacuumed the living room, kitchen & everything else with ceramic tile, and our bedroom. For those that don't remember, I fell in Sept. while vacuuming and hurt my knee REALLY badly. It's still sore if I kneel on it, and I promise you today while I was vacuuming, it started to hurt. I know, it's probably all in my mind, but it really did hurt! LOL And speaking of why I'm telling you I took down my tree - I counted the stitched ornaments. I only had 119 or 120. I got mixed up & not sure if I counted one of them or not. SO..... think that's enough or should I keep at it? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Stitching!!!


Maggee said...

ONLY 119 or 120?? Wow! I have 6!! I wish I had so many, because I won't deviate from my purple themed tree until I can fill it with stitched ornaments! A ways to go! I have given away most of my ornaments to my children as they flew the coop!

Have a very Happy New Year!



FayeRaye said...

You should be good and tired if you took down your trees today!!! I believe you when you say 120 ornaments!! Beautiful ones at that!!! It must have been an electronic Christmas..you got the nice camera, Nicole got the cool notebook and I (and DH) got a new big screen for the den! Hope your knee gets better!!! Hey to hubbie for me! Faye

Shelleen said...

nice camera. I love the jewelry, it is a gorgeous set.

Blu said...

Love the jewellery. It's gorgeous.
120 ornaments? Wow! That's insane (in an impressive sort of way~)

Vonna said...

119 or 120....well gee, hmmm...

I love your power shot, Katie has one and she loves hers!
And your ruby set is gorgeous...did you know that July birthdays are rubies. Hmmm know anyone with a July birthday?

Nic said...

Lucky girl with the gifts :o)

120 ornaments - amazing! Did you stitch them all yourself?

Cathy B said...

120 stitched ornaments? Wow! I think you should keep on stitching and/or collecting them! You can always add another tree - LOL!

Tracey said...

I got a Canon Powershot for Christmas too! I got me a cheapie case from Wal-mart today- let me know if your Vera case works and maybe I'll upgrade. Mine is similar to yours but dh got boring silver..(LOL) and it's a A1100 IS.
Your jewelry is gorgeous!! Lucky girl!

Nicole said...

I love your Christmas presents! Ray did a very good job! :) I can't wait to take my tree down. I think I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm ready!!!

Carol R said...

A red camera and rubies - both are gorgeous!

Please can you send me the link to the 2010 Pals retreat - I had trouble opening the one on your blog.

I think you should keep stitching the ornies - a second tree is always an option ;-)

Happy New Year Amy!

Anonymous said...

only 120???????????? LOL...I'm JEALOUS!!! :-) AND YEP, I'd def keep at it. you can always put up more than 1 tree when this one is so full it's about to fall under it's weight, LOL!!!
Hope the knee is better; been there done that with mine in Oct and it still hurts too.

Lisa said...

SNAP! I got the same camera, colour to, for Christmas. Its fab to use isn't it?