Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another week/month already? Pics to share....

Wow, where is the time going? I can't believe a week has passed since I was here & that it's the end of May and Memorial Day weekend already! Time flies when you're having fun I guess! I have several pics to share this weekend.... (some of the pics are clickable for larger views if you're interested!).

The first two are of Ray's latest "project". He decided he wanted a new fountain. This is what he made... and it's truly gorgeous!! I wish you could hear it & see it in person! Water comes out of the 12 flowers & falls onto the leaves & lily pads. It's really pretty & everyone who's been here just loves it. My mom loved it so much that he made a small one for her. He's so talented and that makes me very lucky!!! ;-)

We have had some visitors lately - they were running & playing & having a grand ol' time this evening. Guess they needed to rest a bit... ;-)
We took my mom & went to the Flea Market this a.m. Saw a yard sale on the way & stopped there as well. I didn't take any pics of my new treasures, but I at the yard sale I found a Depression Era cake stand for $5 - JUST LIKE THIS ONE -
I think it's really pretty and was a great deal. My mom had one and gave it to my sister, so now we each have one. At the flea market, I bought some beads, a little purse covered with mother of pearl buttons (bought it for the buttons, will toss the purse) and I finally found a flower frog for $1!! Now to find a "dish" for it. I tried several things at various booths, but not were just right. My mom found another little sewing collectible for my shelves and a really nice Vera Bradley purse in Java Blue for Hannah for $7.00. She bought some other things too, but those were the best finds imho! We had an early lunch & stopped at the grocery store for some fresh things - cherries, corn on the cob & some steaks to name a few. Our fav local store closed in Feb. & we don't like the stores that are left, so anytime we're over that way, we stop in for what we need and make one or two trips per month for "everything".
And while we were there, I stopped in the quilt shop to talk to the owner for a few minutes. I saw this tote bag made from selvages when I was in there a couple of weeks ago. I decided today to take a couple of pics to share with everyone this time. Isn't it cute as can be? Barbara made it, her shop is My Favorite Things (no website, but if you're down this way, let me know & I'll give you her address!). I know it took a lot of time to sew all these together - not sure I'm going to make one, but a pincushion or zipper bag would be cute! ;-)
This is a bag I made for our niece Hannah while she was here on Wednesday. It's for her to carry her "stuff" in to the pool or the lake this summer. That "fuzzy" pink trim has beads on it too & it's cute as can be. I had to hand sew it on though - what a pain. Hannah is worth it though and she loves it, so I was happy to do it for her! :-) Notice the lining is pink gingham - don't know why that child is so crazy about PINK! lol

This is a tote bag I made a bit ago but never got around to taking a picture of. The fabric is from the Williamsburg Sampler line. It is reversible too - the other side is the same as the top/handles you see here. It's about the same size as the other totes I've made, but it wasn't quite as much work since there are no inside pockets and no strips to sew together. It is for sale in case anyone is interested. You can email me for more details if you like -

And last but not least - this is my progress this week on LHN's Simple Joys. I didn't stitch on it Monday or Friday at all, and none today. If my shoulder hadn't been so bad this week, I might have gotten it finished. It's an easy & fun stitch. You may notice I didn't put the box around the words "Simple Joys". I just didn't like that. I moved the words up two spaces the the swirls up one I think, to center it a bit more since the box wasn't there. I'm very happy with how it's looking & hope to stitch some tomorrow. My shoulder still hurts too much tonight to try & work on it.

Thanks for stopping by & hope to have more to share with you soon. Have a happy & safe Memorial Day weekend & Happy Stitching!!


Karen said...

OMG....I can't believe (well... actually I can)Ray made that beautiful fountain! I just love the leaves and lily pads. Can't wait to see this one in person!

Cute tote w/ that pink fringe! I was just thinking about the trim we got and think I need to try to use it.

Sure hope your shoulder feels better so you can finish Simple is too pretty!

Myra said...

The fountain is gorgeous! I can just imagine how relaxing the sound of the water would be. Love all your totes and Simple Joys is coming along nicely.

Tracy said...

That is a beautiful fountain! Just lovely...

Faye said...

Wow!!! Ray is super super talented~~~ The fountain is beautiful and I see you guys enjoying it for many years to come~~

The bags are darling too! Work on that shoulder....Hope it improves for you real soon~~~

Karen said...

love the fountain. Ray should make them to sell!

great totes! gotta love pink! i know you don't but pink is fun!

i love Simple Joys and can see that one in my near future to stitch.

Carol R said...

Please send Ray over - I'd love a water feature in my garden!

Cathy B said...

Hi Amy -- Ray sure is a creative guy! How relaxing it must be to sit on your patio and listen to the water in the fountain.

Darling bags - I especially liked the one that was made with the selvages - waste not, want not - right?

Simple Joys is one of LHN's best in my opinion. Happy Stitching!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

That fountain is something else - museum or park worthy, I'd say! Just fabulous!

Great job on the tote bags and Simple Joys is looking wonderful.

The bunnies are cute but I can't stand them in my yard - they've eaten all my lilies before they've even had a chance to open. Buggers!

Diana said...

Wow the fountain is fantastic. What a talented husband you have.
As always your cross stitch is lovely.

Ellen S said...


The fountain is gorgeous!! Ray is sooo talented!!
Your Memorial Day comments are much
appreciated, my husband lost his brother Steve 40 years ago this August in is still very hard!! He was just 21 years old and left a wife and 1 year old son....we are so fortunate that we have stayed close to both!!! Memerior Day is a special day to our family!!!
Hope you have a great evening!!!

Ellen S

BeckySC said...

WOW, I love the new look to the foutain, Amy :) I HOPE to get to see it in person :)

LOVE your's looking great :)