Friday, August 27, 2010

An apology.....

I wondered why no one had commented on any of my posts lately (though there have been very few posts!) and this a.m. when I went to post about the Renato Parolin book for sale  (below), I saw that somehow, comment moderation had been turned on (NOT BY ME!).  :-(  I just went through & added SOME of the comments, but on others, I hit the wrong button & deleted them.  :-(  I'm really sorry....  it wasn't intentional - I have never done this before - and I clicked the wrong button (which I have done before, just not on this blog!). :-(

I'm going to figure out how to turn this comment moderation off now (I hope) and thanks very much to those who visit & to those who post.  Look for a giveaway very soon......  August has just been a busy month, and with the Pals Fall Fling about 6 weeks or so away, it's going to stay busy I think! ;-)  Looking forward to seeing many of you there, we have a great group this year!!

Thanks again, happy stitching & have a great weekend!!


Patty C. said...

Don't worry - I have heard this has happen to other bloggers and all turned out ok

Just keep posting :)
Have a great weekend

Patty C. said...

I meant has happened - lol

Carol R said...

I had to turn comment moderation on as I was getting a load of Chinese/Japanese? spam. The comment was ok but the text was followed by a dotted line which was a link to a porn site!