Monday, November 22, 2010

Jim Shore - FOR SALE!

I have the following Jim Shore peices for sale - all brand new in box, never displayed.  I purchased them last year a gift & then found out that she doesn't "like" ornaments.  Go figure!  I think they're great & can keep them, but I'm saving up for something "big" for myself - so thought if I could sell them, I'd be one step closer to MY purchase!!!  :-)

4014455 Roly Snowman with Snowflake - price on box is $14.99 asking $12

4014456 Christmas Tree Hanging Ornament - price on box is $14.99 asking $12

105184 Square Quilt Ornament Holder - TWO of these - price on each box is $11.99 - bottom left on page - (NO ornament included) - asking $10 each

Again, all of the above are brand new - never displayed.

Postage is extra & will be based on weight.   Will send anywhere.....
Email if interested -

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