Thursday, March 17, 2011

Show & Tell? ;-) Lots to Share....

The past 2.5 weeks have been very busy/crazy/hectic.  The weeks after Market are always busy, and that's a good thing.  A lot of other things also happen around here in March and this year has been no exception!  And in no particular order.....  here goes!   We had a surprise birthday dinner for my dad, my brother, me & Ray on March 9th.  It was a surprise because it wasn't planned, just a spur of the moment dinner my mom decided to do, which was nice of her.  My brother's wife was due to have a baby any day, and we all wanted the baby to arrive on the 10th so she could share my dad's birthday, AND, for a very "odd" story for those who haven't heard it already.... 

My dad has two brothers.  My sister's only child was born on his younger bro's bday and my brothers first child was born on his older bro's bday. (Kinda odd, right?)  So, this baby (his 3rd & last grandchild) *should* be born on his birthday, right?  We all thought so! 
And guess what?!!   Just after 7 p.m. on the 10th, my new niece, Abigail Grace was born - on her grandpa's birthday, much to every one's delight.  She weighed 5 lbs, 2.3 ounces.  She's a beautiful baby with lots of very dark hair and long fingers & toes for such a tiny little thing.  Below is a pic of her at one day old - they weren't able to hold her right away as she had to be put on oxygen, so it was almost 24 hours before either of them were able to hold her.  Ray & I were watching through the window and it was very sweet.  That was last Friday evening.  She has been on IV meds since Friday as well and only my bro/sil and our mom/her mom have gotten to hold her.

Well, today, they moved her from our local hospital via ambulance to Children's Hospital in Columbia.  They are going to be doing a spinal tap.  They will be keeping her at least a week no matter the results I'm told, and depending on the results, possibly longer.  She has to be on the IV meds for another 8 days my brother says.  When we got the call this a.m. that they were moving her, Ray & I ran to the hospital to see them before they left, and I got to see her (not through a window) and I got to hold her.  She's so tiny!  Please keep the baby, my brother & his wife in your prayers, as well as the rest of the family too.  It's hard on everyone.   (isn't she adorable?)

And the rest of what has been going on isn't as earth shaking as a new birth in the family... but I have had a birthday (this past Sunday) and received a few gifts from lovely friends:

 Karen stitched this adorable HIH Bunny Pillow for me - isn't it cute?!   And she made the card - they're always so precious!!

Nicole said she wanted to get me something she knew I didn't have - and she did!!  Isn't it pretty?!

I don't know why she didn't fill it with scissors - does she think anyone can ever have enough?  ;-)  Actually, I know for a fact she doesn't! lol  That's okay though! I haven't added nearly enough to it yet, but I *probably* have enough to fill it up.  IF I don't, I know where to get more!! ;-)

This adorable gift is from Deborah NC (no blog).  I think it's the cutest thing & will work well for the retreat "notes, lists & details" I have to keep.  It holds a legal pad & I certainly won't have any problems finding it in my tote bag.  :-)  Didn't hurt that Carol had already monogrammed an "A" & put it on it!  I love the super bright colors.  I know, strange that I love it & it's not red huh? What is wrong with me lately?
And speaking of colors - I know what some of you will say (that I AM ill), but I fell in love with this new Vera pattern, Folkloric!  The motifs & vines remind me of sampler patterns for some reason.  The colors are really NOT my usual taste (I hear you Karen! lol) but I really do love this.  I think it will be great for Spring!  This is a gift I bought for myself because I knew that no one would EVER consider buying me anything in this fabric! :-) 

And while at The French Hens for the (wonderful!) stitching get-together last Saturday, Carol was showing us some of the new things she has in.  I just loved this tote - and she can monogram anything you'd like on it, I just chose my name.  There are other patterns/colors, but I liked this one....
Yes, I know - not my usual taste, but it's just CUTE!  And it matches some new shirts I bought for spring/summer.  I'm really into fuchsia this year for some odd reason.  Is fuchsia the new red for spring?  ;-)  I guess it is at my house!  Anyway, if you're interested in a tote bag or a "basket" like I bought from Carol in Dec (click on Dec. for the pics of that one!) - You can reach Carol at 
She'll be happy to help you!

I have another gift from a friend but my camera batteries are dead.      :-(  I'll have to share it later.  I forgot to take any pics at the stitch-in this past Saturday but we had 19 ladies & we had a great day.  (See Nicole's blog for a few pics that she took).  It's always fun to get together with friends to stitch & chat - and lunch thrown in doesn't hurt either.  The next one is set for June 4th and we'd love to have you join us.  I'll keep you updated, but jot it down on your calender & come on down to SC.  It will be nice & toasty warm by then! :-)

And if anyone would care to "browse" my stash for sale blog, the link is in the post below.  I need to sell it not only to get it out of the way, but also because I ordered furniture for our "spare room" and I need to come up with some extra $$ to help pay for it! lol  I can't wait for it to arrive - but it will be a few more weeks I'm afraid.  I LOVE it - it's PAISLEY - and many of you know how much I love paisley.  We ordered it via Ashley Furniture in Sumter, but you can see pics of it here IF you're interested. (please ignore the prices, I know that's tacky, but it wouldn't let me copy or save the pics.  Remember, we didn't buy it here!)  Anyway, we're getting two loveseats & an ottoman, which will still leave room for everything else in the room but still give us a nice, comfortable sitting area.  I am so excited & can't wait until it arrives!! 

If you are still reading - thank you for stopping by.  A lot of other things have gone on, but I think this is more than long enough for one day.  Oh, and I really haven't been stitching or sewing at all lately.  I have read a few books....  and I hope to get my stitching mojo back soon.... wish me luck!  Thanks again & happy stitching - have a great weekend ahead!


Nicole said...

Oh I hope the baby is ok!! She'll be in my thoughts and prayers. The poor little thing. It must be so hard for your brothers and SIL right now!! I'll be thinking about them too!!

Love all the presents you got!! LOL about filling the frog - I just had this feeling you might be able to find some scissors somewhere! :)

I'm glad you had a good birthday - it was great seeing you and everyone else at the get together. Can't wait for the next one! :)

My Life In Stitches said...

Happy belated birthday!

Congrats on the new family member. She is adorable and will be in my thoughts and prayers that she will be home soon.

The Vera pattern you got for yourself is my new favorite. I have gotten a few pieces in that fabric and I am looking forward to spring!

Happy Stitching,

Charlene ♥ SC said...

She is such a darling little bundle. I hope they find the treatment she needs and she blooms quickly. My positive thoughts and hopes go with you all.
Great birthday goodies! Go ahead and fill'er up!

Lorrie said...

A new baby in the family! How wonderful! My SIL had a 5lb 5oz baby boy on the 11th. Nothing puts a smile on your face like holding a sweet newborn.
What wonderful friends you have! All those nice gifts!

Karen said...

She is so cute! I do hope everything goes okay and that she will be home soon... will keep them in my thoughts!

Sounds like you need a vacation....

Babs in Alabama said...

Happy birthday Amy! Love all your "stuff" :) The little one is so adorably beautiful and I pray that all goies well at childrens' hospital and all of them will be back home real soon.
hugs & prayers for the family,

Lynda said...

What a sweet little girl...and your dad must have been over the moon when she was born on hi birthday. I will be praying for her and your family and sending lots of good thoughts her way for a short hospital stay and a fast trip home.

Susan said...

I hope the baby is well soon. prayers to her and her family.

I had a wonderful time at the stitchin last Saturday. Thank you for the invite. Happy Birthday!

Happy Stitching!

blueladie said...

On my way through the weekend bloghop (123) and stopped by. Will say some prayers for the beautiful new baby. Let us know how she does. Cathryn aka blueladie

Karen said...

keeping your family in my thought and prayers. baby Abigail is just a doll. :)
That is definitely not your usual color/pattern, there is a pastelish pink in there! LOL are you converting on us Amy?! LOL love it! and LOVE LOVE LOVE that polka dotted bag, might have to order one for myself!

Raggedy Ann said...

Congratulations on the new baby in the family!
I do hope she is feeling better, what beautiful name.
Happy Birthday Amy!
Love all your sweet gifts, they are really beautiful.