Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter - (and more!)....

I hope you & your family had a very happy & blessed Easter.  Ours was very quiet - didn't even open a door and the phone hasn't rang a single time.  That can be good sometimes, especially after a busy week!

First I have to show you what my mom found for me at a yard sale a week ago - never thought when I told her to look for one that she'd actually find one for me -

Yes!  It's an old printers tray & it's in great condition (though it needs a good dusting!).  She called & asked me if I wanted to pay $30 for it - I was like ummm, YES!  I already have plans for some of the openings - just have to find time to get busy stitching to fill it up.  :-)  If you haven't seen one - take a peek at the ones here - scroll down -
They are great aren't they?  I'm just thrilled to have one!

Last Sunday my brother called & asked us if we wanted to come see the baby.  What a silly question that was!  He called our sister too & she got there about 2 minutes before we did.  :-)  This is a pic Ray took of all 3 of us.  I think it's probably the only picture that are 3 of us are in together in probably 8-10 years. And none of us were looking at the camera - we were much more interested in Abigail.  They'd both have a fit if they knew I was posting their picture.  My sister wouldn't even let Ray take a picture of her - she'd just gotten out of the shower & put her hair in a ponytail with it wet - she was in a hurry to get to see the baby.  It was the first time for her since the baby was in the hospital for so long & then my sis had the flu & pneumonia at the same time & then her daughter got sick - they had to stay away.  I was  nice & let her hold her for all but just a few minutes - it was hard, but I did it! ;-)   Abigail is still having some health issues, but we hope she'll soon be better.

And here is Hannah holding her new cousin for the first time!  They're both beautiful girls...

Our niece Hannah was out of school last week for spring break, and we played hooky on Tuesday and took her to have lunch at Five Guys (yum!), go to the museum and then we went to Baskin Robbins.  Wish we had all that in town here, but we don't.  It was a fun day and the weather was gorgeous.  We all enjoyed ourselves!  On the way home, we stopped & rented a movie from a Redbox & watched that.  I think she'd have stayed longer, but my sister said being with us for 10 hours was enough for one day.  ;-)  We didn't think so, but she went home anyway.  

We took a few pics at the museum of something I just fell in love with - look!  We weren't supposed to take pics, so shhhh.....   They're not the greatest in the world, only one has flash, but I think you can get the idea.  Now who wouldn't LOVE to have this next to their chair...  I've seen a lot of antiques but never a table quite like this one.  I would love to have one....  (the pics should be clickable for a close up view!

Isn't it great?

And last but not least for today - I finally finished up a few more Huswife's that I started a week ago - I was so close, but didn't quite have them finished.  LOVE the red/white....

I have been stitching a little - very little -  but at least it's something.  I know I won't be finished with anything anytime soon, but I'll share when I think to take a picture of what I'm working on.   I have a lot to do in the next couple of weeks, hope I can get some stitching in though.

Thanks for stopping by & happy stitching!


Meari said...

What a cool idea for the printer's tray. And that antique is awesome!

The new baby is adorable.

Nicole said...

I love your printers tray. I can't wait to see what you do with it! That's great that you were able to see Abigail. She's so sweet - I love the picture of her and Hannah. :)

Nancy said...

Very nice printers tray! That antique is beautiful!

Glad you got to visit with your siblings and hold that precious baby. Hope her health improves to be fully well!

Karen said...

What cute baby pics! Glad she is doing better.

Your mom must be the queen of antique shopping...she always finds the most interesting things!

Faye said...

Your mom scored on the printers tray~~~ GREAT find!! And, the baby is so cute and WELL loved!! Take care....June 4th will be here before you know it.......~yeah!

Fiona said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with yolur priners tray. I'm with you on the antique table, it would be so pretty next to a stitching chair. Great pictures of thed girls and your brother and sister.

Carol R said...

Lucky you to get a printers tray! I've been looking for one of these for ages.
Adorable baby - she is obviously doted on and why not?

Ellen S said...

Love the pictures!! Both girls are gorgeous!! I also am in love with the Huswifes!! The red ones are AWESOME!! Also saw the totes, would love to have one...maybe one day!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Raggedy Ann said...

wonderful post!
Love the pictures..the girls are precious, and the antiques are awesome!!

Have a happy weekend,

merumo said...

Gorgeous find! I also have the antique printer's tray which was given as a gift a few years ago, but haven't finished filling all the spaces yet. I'd love to see how you are going to do with yours :) And huswifes look very nice in reds!!