Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day.....

Happy July 4th and a big thank you too all who serve this great country - you & your families are much appreciated! 

About 6 weeks ago I ran across a blog post that touched me by Carol of Brown Quilts.  You can read it here -  I emailed Carol then & though I'm a bit slow, I finally have a box of pillowcases to send her - finished them up today.  If you have time time & ability, won't you please send a pillowcase or two (or 16!) to Carol for her friend? 

I do have some stitching to show you, but I'll wait on that.  I also have some *exciting news* to share soon.  :-)  You'll just have to wait a bit & see what it is though... stay tuned!

Happy stitching/sewing/quilting.... :-)


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Pretty cases!
You're bad - taunting us like this!

jeanneil said...

Pretty Amy, looking forward to seeing your stitching!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great patriotic pillow cases!