Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exchanges & Gifts from the Pals Retreat.....

Yes, I'm slow to get things posted.  I kept planning to take pictures & post, but it seemed there was always something else I needed to do as well.  Anyway, here we go - finally..... ;-)

First, this is the Grab Bag I took to the retreat.  I made a tote bag from this cute fabric which apparently was a good idea because it was "most popular" (traded the most) and I won a prize (2nd pic!)....

These were donated by Karen AZ, she sells "Thirty One" items, which are wonderful!!  Thanks again Karen, love them! 

And this is the grab bag I came home with!  Isn't it great?  It was made by my wonderful friend Judy - hand appliqued and it's just amazing!  I'm totally thrilled with it!   The inside is lined and she did an amazing job - inside & out!

And not only did I get Judy's grab bag, she also made a special gift just for me - isn't this lovely?

It's wonderful - I do so love pincushions - and it's sitting on my "lazy susan" that I bought (and will show you in a bit) to hold my needles & marking pins.  Thank you again Judy - I LOVE IT!!

Next we have the Christmas Ornaments.  I made 5 this year... and the first pics are of the ones I made & took to exchange (not too much red is there?):

And these are the ones I bought home (from Toni, Fiona, Judy (again!), Linda and Myra.  Aren't they all wonderful?!  Thanks to all of these wonderful ladies & dear friends!

Then we have the "Stitched Exchange" - I made a pincushion.  I stitched a Jardin Prive' design over 1 on 25 ct, put it in a round wood box and I also make the marking pins that are in it.  Several ladies told me they really liked it - hope the recipient did as well!

I received this lovely pin pillow made by Sheryl from IN, who I just met this year. Isn't it pretty?  I'm 99.9% sure it's a Beehive Needlework's designs.   Thank you again Sheryl!

Next are the two items from the "Sewing Exchange" that was done sort of last minute.  I had two items, but I don't have pictures of them.  One was a Huswife and the other was a pincushion.  I came home with these two cuties - a frog pincushion by Fiona and a Needlebook by Becky (whom I also met for the first time this year!).  Both are great aren't they?  Look at all those little tiny strips on this Needlebook - Becky, if you're reading this, it's wonderful, thank you again!  :-)

I think I'll name my frog "Fi" after Fiona.... she's a Scottish frog and you just don't see many of those in SC!  Just look at that face....  ;-)

I did one Halloween item for the Thursday night exchange - and I cannot remember what I made... sad huh?  This is what I came home with - and it's SO TRUE!!  This was made by my dear friend Myra!
(sorry about the glare on the glass).

And last but not least, a couple more handmade gifts - this journal cover was made by my friend Toni from IL.  And if someone else reading says "hey - that looks familiar" - it's because Toni made several I think... I was just very lucky that she gave me one too!  CUTE isn't it?  :-)

And last but not least (for today) is a lovely bag in gorgeous Paisley fabric that Fiona made for me.  Fiona has been coming from Scotland for many years now & it's great to see her every October.  We've become great friends & I so enjoy spending the week with her.  Thank you again Fiona, I love it!  I just have to keep my sister from trying to take it everytime she comes over...  ;-)

If you're still reading, thanks for stopping by.  Hope you've enjoyed looking at all these pretties!!
Happy stitching/sewing!


stitcheranon said...

Wow..amazing stuff..sounds like great fun. Beautiful items as well..not sure I could give any way though I could certainly bring more home!

Myra said...

Wow! You made and received some really nice things Amy. Happy Thanksgiving!

Catherine said...

What fabulous goodies - thanks for sharing!!

Fiona said...

It was great to see you again and I love spending the week with you and Ray. It is great to see all the wonderful things you made and received in the exchanges.

Syd said...

Amy -

Thanks for posting your pictures. I am thinking about coming to PALS next year and wasn't sure what types of things were included in the grab bag exchange. I think your examples are great. Congratulations on winning the prize for the most popular one!


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great pieces - made and received!

Karen said...

great exchanges you made and red'c Amy! And glad you like the Thirty-one zipper bags! :) I was the lucky gal who won Toni's fabric covered notebook and just coveting it!