Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monochrome Month?

I have been stitching a bit off & on all month while listening to "The Fiery Cross" (Outlander Series) by Diana Gabaldon.  (GREAT book btw - it's much better than #4 was!).  It appears January is to be Monochrome Month for me.  Actually, it appears that 2012 is going to be Monochrome Year by looking at my "to stitch" list! 

I finished this about a week & a half ago - it's "Let's Sew" by Imaginating.  It's stitched on 32 ct Antique Ivory or Light Sand (it wasn't labeled!) with black DMC.  I think it's adorable!   It was a super quick stitch & when I showed it to my mom a week ago Sunday she liked it so much that she wanted to stitch it too!  I have finishing plans for this one - so stay tuned!

Next up is my "revised" Personalized Sampler by Stephanie at Nouveau Encore Designs.  She designed the sampler in 2007 (I think?) and I had a fairly decent amount done on it (not quite 1/3, but a good bit).  I picked it up last year & decided I no longer liked my color or fabric choices & that I no longer liked the border I had chosen in 2007.  It was just "too busy".  So, I contacted Stephanie & she did another border, much more simple this time, and I like it a lot better!  This is almost all of page 1 (out of 20!).  I'm stitching it over 1 on 28 ct with Anchor #22.  I'm already in love with it!

And thanks to Paulette (Plum Street Samplers) and all of her pictures she posted from her trip to The Attic a week or so ago, I found several more samplers I HAD TO HAVE....  one is on the way, one I'm looking for (anyone have Threads of Gold Sarah Munday they want to part with?) and this one (below) we sell via DSL and have for quite a few years!  It took the picture on Paulette's blog to make me SEE it though - isn't that always the way?  And dear Paulette is happy to take the blame for all of this & THRILLED to have made me spend $$ - she actually said so!  :-)  Isn't that so typical sweet of her? ;-)

Anyway, this is one of two designs in Le temps qui passe by A Mon Ami Pierre.  I'm stitching it on Lakeside 36 ct Vintage Light Examplar using DMC 815.  I'm LOVING it too!  Actually, Nicole was here Saturday & she said this sampler was "so me" and that I had to stitch it.  Just a slight nudge, but it was enough!  ;-)  Then she suggested that with my UFO's WIP's and the sampler I have coming and my plans for it, that with these, I can make a really nice Red/Brown Sampler wall when I'm all done.  I think that's a great idea - don't you?  ;-)

And speaking of Nicole, she came to visit last Saturday - I had a wonderful day chatting & stitching with her.  And she brought me a truly LOVELY gift - isn't this pretty?
It's Garden Pleasures by LHN and she stitched it over 1.  I love it - thank you again Nicole for such a wonderful gift!  And your finishing is fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to post progress on SOMETHING soon.  I'm a bit under the weather so far this week (sinus infection and today, I woke up with my hip hurting pretty badly - geez, I know, pitiful huh!). 

I have several sewing projects in the works too - along with a pile of red/aqua fabrics I ordered after doing the "bundle" (see post below).  I'll share those next time!

Have a wonderful day/week.

Happy stitching & sewing!!!!


Katie said...

Great Pictures. Your stitching is beautiful. Love the sewing machine piece. I have several monochrome pieces on my list for this year too.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Looks like a beautiful Monochrome wall in the works to me!

Shelleen said...

Looks like you have had a busy stitching month. Everything looks nice.

Christina said...

Love the sewing machine. Great start to both of your samplers. I know what you mean about how seeing something stitched just makes it look so much better. Even with a pattern you never gave a second look at.

Nicole said...

Wow Amy, you got a great start on your new sampler! It's beautiful!!! I love the red you are using! :)

Fiona said...

Your sewing sampler looks great and can't wait to see what your finishing ideas are. You've made a great start on both your samplers and I love Nicole's idea of a red and brown sampler wall. What a lovely gift Nicole did for you, very pretty. Hope you feel better soon.

Barb said...

Nice pieces. Your needle has been busy. Nice gift you received. The Sewing Machine turned out nice. I need to get my pattern out and do it.

Jodie said...

Let It Sew is the COOLEST pattern I've ever seen, hands down!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

I love your stitching especially the sewing machine.

Ivana said...

You have beautiful embroidery!