2007 Finishes

Listed from newest to oldest of 2007....

Frosty's Big Day (SBEBB)

LK Double-Flip Give

LK Double-Flip Remember

LK Double-Flip Love

LK Double-Flip Dream

Ackworth RR sq. (Renee)

JBW Ornament

F&S Round 4 (Vonna) SB Fa La La

Merry Stitches Santa (Homespun Elegance)

Rabbit's Big Day (SBEBB)

Seasons (Fall) - By Invitation Only BB

RR - LK March Flip-It Block (Karen)

RR - PS Wrens (Rosalie)

AMAP ABC Stitcher w/F (gift)

S&BF JCS 2007 Ornament (Pals)

BC Snowman Ornament (Pals)

Autumn Quaker (USEBB)

Redwork Exchange (SBEBB)

Halloween Exchange (SBEBB)

Grateful Hearts (SBEBB)

Fair & Square (Michele)

Quaker Alphabet (SBEBB)

Tin Topper (USEBB)

Seasons (Summer) - By Invitation Only BB

Pinkeep (FG)

Redwork Exchange (USEBB)

For The Birds (USEBB)

And A Foret Grew (USEBB)

Lil' Critters (SBEBB)

And A Foret Grew (USEBB)

House Exchange (SBEBB)

Summer Quaker (SBEBB)

SB - Wishing Sheep (Sandy)

Summer Quaker (USEBB)

Biscornu (USEBB Exchange)

Shepherds Bush - Busy

LK Oct Flip-It (2002) Chris's RR

Ladybug, Ladybug (w/o border/words)(LHN)

The Potting Shed (Elizabeth's Designs)

Biscornu/Fob (gift)

Fob Exchange (FG/April)

LHN "These I Hold Dear"

Spring Fever Biscornu

Tape Measure cover (LNH Bunny)

Quaker Pinkeep

Heart Exchange NN

Mirabilia's Enchanted Mermaid

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