2008 Finishes

Listed from newest to oldest of 2008....

Cheaper Than Thearpy (My Big Toe)

(78) Ackworth Friendship RR (Louise)

LK Double Flip Live

LK Double Flip Create

Krazy Kitty Christmas Floss Tag (Shelleen)

Krazy Kitty Halloween Floss Tag (Shelleen)

M Designs Name Tree - McCord (Renee)

Ackworth Friendship RR (Darla)

Tree Ornament Freebie (green on red)

Peace Emery Anita's Little Stitches

Snowed In Stone & Thread

Alphabet Tree Freebie Prairie Schooler

Woodland Frosty Counrty Stitches

HoE Ornament Exchange

Jingle, Sparkle, Joy by Midsummer Night

Noel by Maryse

Christmas Trio (3 finishes) Bent Creek

Peace on Earth Ornament (Threads of Gold)

Red/White Ornament

Christmas by Mary Garry (Becky)

Just Nan Halloween Boo for Gaby (MAW)

MAW - Chris - Bourse

Ornament for Edgar (Monthly Ornament Exchange)

Pals - by Hob-Nobb

Fancy Work Biscornu - Maderia Tin Class

Fancy Work Needlebook/Pinkeep - Maderia Tin Class

JBW Designs Christmas Purse

Bent Creek "Snowman Face" x 2

Christmas Biscornu by Cherished Stitches (for MB)

Ornament for Vonna (Monthly Orn. Exchange)

JBW Ornament (for MB)

Stone & Thread Ornament (for MB)

JBW Ornament (for MB)

JBW Ornament (for MB)

Just Nan Boo! Tin Topper (Over The Top series)

Just Nan Boo Needlebook (In The Tin series)

My Big Toe Give Me The Cookie

Ackworth RR (Lin)

Ackworth RR (Tanya)

HOE Needleroll

F&S Round 8 (Marie)

SBEBB - Biscornu (Aug)

Monthly Xmas Ornament (Staci)

Seasonal ~ Autumn (to Becky)

SBEBB - Redwork (Aug)

B-day gift for Vonna

Make A Wish - Donna

Karen's NT RR

F&S #7 - Peg

Make A Wish (Biscornu-Becky)

Make A Wish (Halloween Needlebook-Shelleen)

LK Laugh Double Flip

LK Encourage Double Flip

Seasonal - Spring (to Nancy)

Birthday Bloggers Club (May)

SBEBB Garden Exchange

Ackworth Friendship RR (Vicki)

F&S #6 (Gaby)

SBEBB Spring Garden House

Toni's NT RR (Blue Velvet x 2)

F&S (Jen- Earth Day)

MBT Scissor Block - Terry/March

Little House - My Needles Work

Lizzie Kate Care Double Flip

Seasonal Exchange - Winter

F&S (Christina L)

Lizzie Kate Believe Double Flip

Lizzie Kate Learn Double Flip

Lizzie Kate Listen Double Flip

Nancy's NT RR

Heart Freebie - Dragonfly Stitches

Ackworth Friendship RR (Terry)

Ackworth Friendship RR (Sandy)

Brides Tree SAL (Jan-House)

Winter Quaker (SBEBB)

Make A Wish - Donna

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