2009 Finishes

Listed from newest to oldest of 2009....

Bedford Falls (gift from Tanya)

Sew Peaceful (gift from Carol)

Val's Stuff - A Helping Hand (Donna)

Believe Ornament #2 (Sampler Girl freebie)

Believe Ornament #1 (Sampler Girl freebie)

Christmas Blessings (Carol's freebie)

Joyeux Noel Ornament (freebie)

Milady's Needle - Christmas Elegance Tree #2

Milady's Needle - Christmas Elegance Tree #1


Shepherd's Bush - A Rosy Garden (for Becky)

JBW Tree Ornament #2 (over 1)

JBW Tree Ornament (over 1)

S&BF Black Sheep (Meghan)

Blackbird Stocking/July - (Donna)

Hob Nobb - Chocolate (set for Pals)

Blackbird's Boo from Trix or Treats

Val's Stuff - Spooked (Pals)

Jardin Prive' - My Lady's Quaker

Amy B Designs - Sheep Ornie from JCS

PS Santa Moon (Shay)

Quaker Stocking (Tokens/Trifles)

San-Man Snowman Ornament (Pals)

Snowflake Stocking (Tokens/Trifles)

Reindeer Ornament (Pals)

Russian Nesting Doll freebie (Pals)

E&E&F Brown Bunny for Carol/UK

Stocking ornament #2 (Pals)

Stocking ornament #1 (Pals)

Country Cottage Garden Girl (7-18)

LHN Traveling Stitcher Needlebook for Rosalie

LHN Traveling Stitcher for Rosalie

Prairie Grove 4th July Pincushion Box/Birthday Gift for Vonna

Amy B. - Peace/Monthly Group - Becky

JN Bluebird Box (w/o the bird)

Shepherd's Bush My Earth (3-8/6-11)

SB Peace for All - Becky SC/Summer Exchange

Nora Corbetter - Letter F (for Fiona)

PS Garden Verses/Rabbit Sampler

PS Watering Can/Sow Seeds

LHN Be True

Blackbird Petites Lettres Rouges

MAW for Karen AZ

Ornament/Monthly Group - Carol (#2)

Pine Mtn - Be Hoppy (BeckySC)

Ornament/Monthly Group - Julianne

Erica Michael Serenity (started 3-13/finished 4-9)

Ornament/Monthly Group - Jill

Country Stitches - Hoppin' Along Sampler

Ornament/Monthly Group - Carol

Plum Street Love Notes (2-23)

Ornament/Monthly Group - Cathy B

Just Nan Common Ground (2-15)

Happy Home Sampler (1-7)

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