Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.... (EDITED!)

I'm trying to be positive & happy today and my dear friend Susan (aka "The Brat") wanted to help.... she sent me this 3.4 lb (yes, that's 3.4 POUNDS) bag of M&M's. I just have to LOL & plan on buying a larger size of clothing before too long! ;-) I have had calls from my mom & my sister first thing this a.m. & woke up to several emails & ecards. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I do appreciate it! I don't have any plans today really other than stitching and NOT working this afternoon. Actually, I worked extra long yesterday to make sure I wouldn't be too behind if I take today off & I've only worked about 2 hours & I'm done for the day. Yeah!!! :-)
And to Ruth... no dear, no surprises from Ray or anyone else in my family. I told you, we don't "do" surprises in this family unless I'm the one behind it. ;-)
Hope everyone has a great day!!
**ADDED at approx. 7:30 p.m. ---
We just returned from my parents house where my mom cooked a delicious meal of chicken & dumplings (one of my favs & one of her specialities) & also made a wonderful chocolate/chocolate cake. I'll tell you next week the reason she did this, but for now, let's just leave it at I had a lovely afternoon/evening with my entire family. :-)
PS- To Ruth - the message you left had me roflol... thank you! ;-)


monique said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely stitchy day :)

BTW, I always give my hubby a list of what I'd like... he's helpless about those things!

Patricia said...

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Ruth said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy bday to you!!!!!!!!!!!



Shari said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!! I found your blog on Becky's new finishing blog!!! Hope you had a great day & enjoyed all those M & M's!!!!

Tessa said...

LOL - I don't 'do' surprises either - in fact, i hate them!!! Unless, I am organising them :)
Nice to hear you had a nice day with your family, sometimes it is hard to focus on 'what I have' rather than 'what I have not' - I am focusing on the fact that you have more M&M's than me!!!!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Carol said...

A belated Happy Birthday Amy. Are you going to share your M & Ms? I like the blue ones!! lol
Sounds like you have a good time at your mom's for dinner?

Sandy said...

So glad you had a good birthday, enjoy all those M&M's. :D

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

Happy belated birthday Amy. Can I get your Mom to make her famous chicken and dumplings for my next birthday?

Hugs to you and I'll talk to you soon.