Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some husbands just don't understand....

Look at the look on his face (and the face of the baby in his lap)! lol
She even has a kitty in her lap....
I thought this was too funny not to share! It's from Life Magazine, here are the details -
Comical stereoscopic of distraught young father holding milk bottle in hand and crying infant in his lap while his spouse calmly does her needlework (captioned on back: When a man marries his troubles begin).
Location: US
Date taken: 1897

Hope you're having a great weekend... I'll be back with a post & a beautiful exchange soon!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

LOL that face is hilarious.

Cathy B said...

Love that picture. Thanks for making me chuckle!

-missy- said...

LOL What a riot!! It is amazing how a needle on hand can calm us down. Thank you for sharing!! I will keep this image in my head when ever I need a giggle!!

Lisa said...

LOL Guess it goes to show...needlework is IMPORTANT! LOL

Cindy F. said...

Amy, this is great!! I had to show dh! Too funny! Thanks for sharing:)

Raggedy Ann said...

That is a great woman!
She trains her man well..

They have beautiful things in their home..lovely wallpaper, and rug..
perhaps he was a doctor?


Amy, you made me laugh!