Sunday, February 8, 2009

So who's stitching?

My floor stand arrived Friday & I think I like it! The only thing is flipping it over every few minutes when I have a color change, which is a lot with this Just Nan. It does turn, but geez, I'm afraid I'll wear it out turning it every few minutes. Any suggestions on this from "experienced users" out there? The floor stand is ugly, there is no doubt about that. Oh well... I'll give it a bit more of a try & see how it goes! :-) I would love to finish this Just Nan much sooner than I had planned, so cross your fingers for me! :-)

With Market this weekend, I've been watching & hoping to see something fantastic that I must stitch. So far, I've seen one Drawn Thread (not really a market release) that I MUST stitch. Ray is going to make a box for me when all the pieces are finished!! :-) Wooohooo! Here is a pic of it.....

The pic isn't the greatest, but you get the idea! :-) I just love it... it has lots of flowers, trees, bunnies & maybe a bird or two... I can't see it that well yet. DSL should have it soon. The box is very pretty, but it retails for around $400, so I won't be getting that one for myself. The design is just gorgeous though, and I don't have a "dowry box" as Olde Colonial calls it. :-) I hope to by Christmas though!

I also MUST have this piece by Paulette at Plum Street - I think it's called "Love Notes" ----

I might even have to stitch it on a piece of rose colored linen (gasp!!) I have in my stash... we'll see when I get it here. Hopefully it will be within a week or so. I won't have it by Valentine's Day, but that's okay. Ray & I were married on Valetine's Day (21 years ago this Saturday), so I have a fondness for things that even relate to that day! :-) This one is just my fav so that Paulette has done, though they're all great.

I have seen a few small things that I really like, a little Just Nan, a Quaker piece by a new designer that Kelmscott is going to distribute, a "Chocolate" design by Hinzeit.... my list could go on I'm sure but I'll stop here. DSL will have all of these things & many more... be sure to visit.

Have a great Sunday & happy stitching!


Dianne said...

I know I know...I seem to want EVERYTHING now...I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I wanted to share with you how I stitch when I am using my lapstand so I don't have to keep turning it over to start new threads. When I get to the last stitch on the thread I leave the second half of the stitch uncrossed and leave the needle on the top (front) side of the stitching (sometimes dangling and sometimes I have to move it around sticking it here or there to keep it out of the way of the stitching that I am still doing). Once I have about 10-15 needles waiting to be finished (tied off), I stop stitching and I push all of those needles one by one through their individual holes to finish the cross that was left undone then I turn it over and tie off each needle one by one. Hope this helps.

Barb said...

I also have wondered how other stitchers deal with this. I also leave the last stitch uncrossed and secure the ends later when I have 10 or so to do. I don't leave the ends on needles though. I just rethread them when I am ready. Once in awhile I don't realize that I have a little tangle on the back where the floss knotted up and I haven't realized it until I flip it over. Makes me crazy when that happens! I usually remove my frame instead of flipping it. Easier for me on my set up to do that.

The Drawn Thread piece in gorgeous on the box. You're lucky you have a woodworker in your house!

Candi said...

We had a man from where I live make me and mom a casket for cheap and I didn't like the casket pattern that I found but I absolutely LOVE this casket and NEED it. It even fits my measurements for my casket. I'm so glad you put a picture on your blog or I would have never found it.

Nicole said...

Hi Amy, I just finished the border on Sea to Shining Sea! Yay! I hope you get used to your stand and that it helps you! I know it's always hard getting used to something new. I love Paulette's new designs - I think they are so pretty! :)

Julianne said...


The box is going to be lovely. I hope you enjoy stitching the piece.

Lisa said...

I wasn't stitching this weekend gal, did a little finishing to share later on! Keep us posted on the stand and how it goes!

Chris said...

Love all your recent pictures. Your needle is flying on Common Ground.

Anonymous said...

I like the pattern.
Cross stitch

Cindy said...

That's a great idea to make a box.

Thank you for the enabling. I just went off an a tangent for about an hour and wound up getting a few things :)