Monday, March 8, 2010

Needle/Pin Pillows anyone? ;-)

I have been making a few needle/pin pillows. They are filled with crushed walnut shells which I'm told are good for keeping pins & needles sharp, and they also "stay put" because they are heavier than fiberfill. The approx. size is 3.5" to 4" square. The are two-sided and made from Moda fabrics (and have interfacting on the inside to keep the crushed walnut shells inside the pin cushion)! And all are "one of a kind". You can get an idea of each side from the ones above, but no two are alike. Picture is clickable for a larger view. I will be putting up a page to sell them (and a few other items) soon. These are $10 each + postage. In the meantime, if you're interested, just send me an email -

Haven't done any stitching lately, but I have the itch to start something new, so maybe this week. :-)

Thanks for stopping by & happy stitching!


Nicole said...

Very cute Amy!! You did such a nice job on them! :)

missy said...

Lovely pin pillows.

Amy, did you get my email about the Mary Garry Sewing Cabin charts?


Kathy said...

They are adorable! Love them.

Karen said...

Those are too cute!

Catherine said...

Very cute!

Carol R said...

Sweet pin pillows Amy!