Thursday, January 8, 2015

2013 & 2014 Stitching Photo's….

I've been stitching a fair amount over the past couple of years, though some have been larger projects, so there aren't as many finishes as in previous years.  Here are some of my finishes:

Design is by Silver Creek Samplers, finished in Jan. 2013 for our 25th Anniversary & framed by Jill Rensel.  

Nora Corbett's Needle Fairy, with lots of color changes.  I made it into a tote bag to carry my stitching in.  

Mermaid Azure (Nora Corbett/Mirabilia) framed by Jill Rensel (stitched in 2013)

Ornaments for the 2013 Stitching at the Beach Retreat - all were used in the exchange.

Nora's "Arezzo" design from her trip to Italy.  I changed it to say "Amore" and it was framed by Jill Rensel.  She's really pretty - much prettier in person!  Started in Feb. 2014, finished in April.  

As you can see, I've been stitching a lot of Nora's designs (Mirabilia) - these two are Elizabeth & Sabrina.   Elizabeth was stitched in 2013, Sabrina in 2014.  I sent them to Jill Rensel in the summer on 2014, and…..

she did an AMAZING job framing them.  There are just no words to tell you how gorgeous these are - if I do say so myself!! 

And this is Mirabilia's Adia The Garden Fairy - without the wings.  Love how she turned out!  Jill Rensel still has her - it's been almost 6 months, so I hope to get her back soon.  Jill is super busy, but worth the wait… even if it is 6 months.

This is a Lizzie Kate Boxer that I stitched for my dear friend Lynn just after we heard the dreaded "C" word.   Lynn has cancer and at this point, has been going through treatments for the past 6 months or so.  Please keep her in your prayers - we're all hoping for a miracle.  Jill framed this really quickly so we could get it to Lynn.

There is another Mirabilia "UFO" that I put away to work on a few "holiday" pieces and things for the retreat.  I don't have pics of the retreat things for some reason, but here are a few of the Holiday pieces….

Sara Guermani's "Halloween".  Sara is from Italy & does the cutest designs.  Most come with hand-painted buttons.  This one has 4 buttons, 2 pumpkins & 2 bags.  Ray framed it, I think it's adorable!
And this is Sara G's. Christmas Window.  There are 4 different "Window's" - this is #1.  The santa in the center is a button - all the buttons are  hand-painted & very cute!

 And a few small Christmas designs - Mill Hill's "Cookie's for Santa", a Cuore e Batticuore Santa from the Shabby Advent pattern - these all make wonderful ornaments!

And last but not least, a design from an older magazine that has more beads than stitches, but it's really pretty in person.  All the beads/treasures really make it sparkle.  It's stitched on a piece of hand-dyed fabric by Kristy at HLC fabrics - so glad she's back to dyeing fabric.

And there are several other things in the works too (other than the Mira UFO). I always used the blog to keep a "diary" for myself of things I've stitched.  I got out of the habit though. Maybe in 2015 I can get back into it.  Check back once in awhile to see….


Natasha said...

All so lovely!! I especially like the one you stitched for your anniversary and the one stitched for Lynn. That is a perfect gift. My Aunt is going through treatments now also, I think I want to stitch this for her.

Glad to have you back blogging :)

Justine said...

These are all so beautiful. The framing really complements them and definitely worth the wait. I will keep your friend in my prayers.

Nicole said...

Wow Amy, you have been busy!! Congrats on all the beautiful finishes!

Syd said...

Your finishes are beautiful. I think my favorite is the bag.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW These are all so beautiful and there are hours and hours and hours of work

Melody said...

What beautiful finishes!! And, the wonderful framing by Jill Rensel. I would have a hard time choosing a favorite.

lynda said...

It's so good to see all your beautiful stitching again, Amy! And Jill's framing is amazing!
I'll be keeping your friend Lynn in my thoughts and prayers.

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous finishes you have shared! I love the piece you turned into an anniversary sampler.

Glad to see you back blogging! Praying for your friend!

Robin in Virginia

Barbi said...

Wow! Such an amazing array of finishes. The Rensel framing is stunning!

Karen said...

Hi Amy... So glad to see you posted your beauties. You certainly have been busy. Love the framing.

Katie said...

Wow so many gorgeous pieces!!! Love them all.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Wow, you are so prolific! And the framing really sets off the designs, welcome back to blogging!

Sparky said...

Oh mY word, your work is soooooo Nora's ladies..both of these are my fav and I would love to do are lovely find

Linda said...

Your stitching is just gorgeous!

Deonn said...

Whoa, what amazing stitchery!!